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"You only are free when you realize you belong no place - you belong every place - no place at all." - Maya Angelou

The Hate Detox presents a solid and effective solution to bullying.

One of the first lessons we teach our kids . . .


Yet despite our efforts, they still do.  Just in a different form.

Why?  Because social status, popularity, being liked, and fitting-in, trumps safety!

Giselle Price

Of course, I'm not talking about scissors in the literal sense.

I'm talking about the new form of "scissors."

You know the ones . . . Hate, Shame, Rejection, and Bullying.


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Giselle "Elle" Price. 


I'm the founder and creator of The Hate Detox.  The goal of our student program is to disarm your students of all sharp objects, including their scissors before they hurt themselves or anyone else! 


 We won't repeat what you're already doing, we won't add any more rules or punishments, and we definitely will not bore your students with the same message of how to be nice, be resilient or "be the change."   It sounds good, it's important, but it's not creating results.


Your students will choose to lay down their "scissors" permanently, simply because it will finally make sense why they should.


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Giselle Price with Dr. Phil and Robin
Giselle Price and Katie Uffens with Katie Couric
Katie Uffens

Why take on Bullying?

In 2012, "bullying" hit home hard when Giselle's 15-year-old daughter Katie became national headline news, after a group of former "friends" started calling  themselves  ...  "The KKK" or "Kill Katie Klub."


Katie lost everything and almost lost her life.

"You hear the wisdom of our kids warning that things will get worse.  But you have no idea.  Going to war against “hate” - with justified “hate” - had consequences that I never imagined or considered.


We thought we were doing the right thing.  Maybe the right thing was not as obvious as it seemed.


Fighting "against" bullying (against former friends) and attempting unity through shared pain and by seeking empathy . . . it chained (imprisoned) Katie to the mistreatment of others and created more US vs THEM dynamics (which is what started this to begin with).  The outcome was devastating.


Katie was a Victim turned Hero in the global fight against bullying.  But, you don't know what happened when the cameras went off." - Giselle


A story every student, parent and teacher must hear!


(Learn More About Katie's Story)

Giselle Price and Katie Uffens
Katie Uffens, The Kill Katie Klub

Is a happy, hate-free, campus even possible?

Can a school campus really become a place of inclusion without constant hatred, cliques, teasing, gossip, shaming and social wars? 
Are we wasting time (and money) even attempting to stop "bullying"?
Most students think change is a joke and will never happen!
They make fun of the messaging and blow it off!
6-years of research, in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and history has gone into creating this program.
We are going to dive deep (but age-appropriate) into why humans hate; individually and as groups.  And how to solve it!
We believe we can absolutely unlearn to hate! 
Especially when we understand the reasons why we do it in the first place! 
We need to become critical thinkers of ourselves and our behavior!
Giselle Price

Bullying is not about getting a reaction (or a lack of empathy).

If you've had the assemblies, hung the posters, wore the tee-shirts, shared heart-wrenching stories, created no-tolerance policies, held unity days and still the bullying continues . . .
Let me explain why
Unique, rich and engaging content for 60-90 minutes!
Interactive, Q & A option for 30-60 minute
"It's like five of the top Ted Talks bundled into one."
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Fees are substantially discounted for student events

Elementary  |  Middle School  |  High School  |  Professional  |  College   |  Community Event  |  Corporate  |  On-Demand

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The Hate Detox
Giselle Price
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"We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane." - Kurt Vonnegut
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