Giselle has always always been an entrepreneur at heart. 


She started her first business at age 22, doing medical transcription for family practice and NICU physicians. 


In 2001, she co-founded and created "Mind Makeover Magic" - A unique consumer software program that made using affirmations much easier and more effective.


The program was so successful, that "The Secret" (popular personal development book and movie) co-branded the software and partnered to improve the lives of millions of people suffering from self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.


In 2007, Giselle founded and created "Read-Along With Me" - The first-ever recordable storybook software.  This program sold in 3-languages and in 4 countries.


The success, quality and family appeal of "Read-Along With Me" won Giselle numerous national awards. Including 2009 Media of the Year.

Giselle Price
Giselle Price
Giselle Price Read-Along With Me
Giselle Price Read-Along With Me
Giselle Price

Mrs. California - America 2009


In 2009, Giselle (facing her own issues with social anxiety and negative self-judgment) entered the Mrs. California Pageant.  With no modeling experience what-so-ever and an absolute fear of being photographed, she won the state pageant, becoming Mrs. California America 2009.


As a competitor for the national Mrs. America Pageant, Giselle raised $8,000 for MENC (National Association for Music Education) their chosen charity, winning this portion of the competition.  She placed in the top 10 of the national pageant, over-coming lifelong fear of others judging her. 

Dedicated Volunteer

As a prominent entrepreneur and business owner, Giselle has professionally spoken to numerous organizations on the importance of Early Childhood Literacy and issues with bullying.


Giselle has volunteered over 2000 hours (literacy education and programs) to her community to serve underprivileged students and families.  Between her online training, public speaking, interviews, software programs, and volunteer efforts, she has directly impacted over 30 million families globally.


She was honored by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for her volunteerism in California, as well as receiving "The Presidential Service Award" from Barack Obama.  Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher presented Giselle with a certificate of recognition for her work with childhood literacy in the state.

Giselle Price

Legacy Project


In 2011, Giselle starting a business consulting firm, to help older businesses update their systems and marketing to modern technology and online.  As well, she consulted new entrepreneurs in learning how to transform their ideas and talents, into successful working companies.  She was directly involved with helping 4 small companies grow their revenues to over 10 million a year.


The Hate Detox and The Humane Way are Giselle's "Legacy Projects."  They encompass the meaning of her own life, the life of her parents, the life of her family, the life of her children, her faith, her values and finding the love of her life, Jason. 


Both programs (and books) are the essence of Giselle's love for humanity, animals and all living things.  She has put a lifetime of experiences, traumas, successes, and 6-years of academic research into developing these two programs.  This is more than a business; it personal.

Loving Mom

The student versions of The Hate Detox and The Humane Way are specially dedicated to her daughter Katie Uffens.  After years of counseling, doctors and books searching for answers to help Katie's heal from trauma, and not finding help, Giselle took it upon herself to create the help - Not only for Katie but for all the millions of young people that suffer in the same personal prison.


Giselle is a mom of 3 kids.  Katie is now 23 and graduated from college.  Sam is 22 and is attending UCSB, pursuing a career in clinical pharmacology.  And Alyssa is 18, pursuing education and career as a Child Life Specialist.


She is married, has 6 dogs (that she loves deeply) and 4 pet rats (that got inherited by default when her daughter moved to school).  She and her husband Jason live in Ramona California - a small rural community in east San Diego County (peace after raising kids).

Giselle Price, Alyssa Uffens, Sam Uffens, Katie Uffens